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Artisanal Food Crafting Workshop
at The Ecology Center


Homemade food crafts, such as jared goods, culinary and medicinal herb mixes, flavored salts and sugars, infused oils, snacks, and dry food mixes, have been part of people’s pantries for millennia. As gifts, the love and effort that go into making them always enhanced their value in the community.

Technological advancements and industrialization in food crafting made it easy for people to buy these goods for their pantries and gifts. In the process, the thoughtfulness, creativity, and human productivity attached to homemaking has become lost, and environmental degradation increased.

Homemade artisanal food crafts replace the energy, water and natural resources wasted in big-commercial-industrial operations with human ingenuity, purposeful effort and love. A home food craft maker is a promoter and supporter of health, abundance and sustainability for all!

Join Us to learn hands-on and enjoy the art and science behind artisanal food crafting. In this workshop we will:

Learn hands-on how to use edible ingredients to create beautiful artisanal food crafts for your pantry and for gifting

Make herb bundles, flavored salts and sugars, infused oils, simple syrups, heirloom dried soup mixes and more

Taste a variety of artisanal food crafts

Each participant will make and take home a personalized salt blend, herb bundle and choice of infused oil or simple syrup!

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