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San Clemente Journal

Beer Brewing Workshop
at The Ecology Center


Home brewing is believed to have been the reason man swapped out his hunting tools for farming ones almost 10,000 years ago. The ancients made this fermented alcoholic brew with local and organic ingredients. Home brewing has been a sustainable practice that built community and preserved the environment for millennia.

When you make your own beer, you get to customize it to your specific taste and can make sure you use local, organic, and/or fairtrade ingredients. Making beer at home enhances your ability to recognize what is sustainably produced commercially and support the right kind of beers you buy also.

Brewing beer at home with sustainably sourced ingredients reduces the energy, water and other environmental goods wasted in the industrial beer producing, transporting, storing and selling operations.

A home beer brewer is a promoter and supporter of health, abundance and sustainability!

Join Us to learn hands-on what it takes to brew a sustainable beer. In this workshop we will:

Learn how to source the best sustainable materials for beer brewing

Learn hands-on about the tools and techniques for beer brewing

Explore recipes and processes for obtaining desired beer tastes and textures

Gain tips from an experienced home and local brew master

Brew beer and taste different home brews

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