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Bread Baking Workshop
Quick Breads and Crackers

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Learn to make yeast free, unleaved breads from around the world! We will also try different flours including wheat, corn, and almond.

Toss the box and ditch the preservatives! Join us to learn how to make homemade, all-natural, unleavened bread and crackers from scratch.

Topics discussed will include:

Oven vs. stovetop, and when to knead

Pressing tortillas and hand shaping

What we'll make:

Whole Grain Roti & Chapati Flatbreads

Corn Tortillas

Almond Meal Seeded Crackers

Vanilla Bean & Sage Bread

Tickets available on our website are $20 for members and $30 for non-members.

The Ecology Center is a non-profit educational center that teaches hands-on environmental solutions at the household and community scale. Your participation supports our programs and our mission to inspire and create a healthy and sustainable future for all.

*Become an Advocate of The Ecology Center to receive member discounts. Plus, after you complete 5 workshops and 5 eco actions, you are eligible to receive 1 free workshop! Join Us!!!

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