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Backyard Skills @ Center for Living Peace
Growing with the Seasons.

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Your edible garden can produce continuous abundant and diverse yields of seasonal organic food. When you implement proper design and planning, your garden will require little maintenance and can fit into any busy schedule.

You’ll save money while eating fresh, organic and nutritious food, and increase biodiversity by growing habitat and supporting beneficial insects. Plus, gardens help reduce runoff and local water pollution by allowing the soil to soak up rainwater instead of running off to the ocean with pollution and chemicals.

Join us this April 4 at 1:00PM on the path to sustainability by making good use of your space and turn water guzzling lawns into productive edible gardens! In this workshop, we’ll learn how to:

Create an edible garden that is modeled after nature

Understand the basics of designing, planning and maintaining your garden, including size, position, seasonal and perennial plant selection

Succession, companion planting, watering and moisture control

Pests and contamination management

Plus, take home an organic seedling to start your edible garden

Whether you already have a garden or would like to have one, this workshop will give you the tools to create a thriving edible garden fit to our local environment.

Tickets are $12 and are available on our website, walk-ins welcome as well. (949) 443-4223.

NOTE: This event is being held at Center for Living Peace: 4139 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92612. (949) 854-5500

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