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San Clemente Journal

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Nauti Bean Coffee

Imagine the smell of fresh ground coffee as you pour the last scoop into a french press and slowly fill it up with hot water. The aroma wafting up delicately to tantalize your nose. As it does it floods you with warm thoughts and memories of times spent sharing a cup of coffee with good friends. Soon you carry that press out to the patio, and get a whiff of the fresh morning breeze. It’s still foggy with a marine layer, but you know that sun is on its way to warm up this coastal town. You hear fog horns in the distance, a seagull flies overhead, and a small fishing boat is returning to dock. You press the plunger on your French press, and pour a simmering cup of dark brown goodness. As you take your first sip, a small sailboat is passing by, off to find the sunshine beyond the marine layer. As you sip your coffee, you start to plan your day, feeling more and more energized and invigorated with each sip. Just as you take your last sip, there is a break in the fog, and through it shines a brilliant beam of sunshine, causing the ocean surface to sparkle and shine like diamonds. You smile, stand and are ready for your day.

~ That is the power of a cup of coffee ~