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San Clemente Journal

The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant Passes the Test for Excellence

Aug 01, 2007 ● By Don Kindred

Romanos owner, Zia, at left, is justifiably proud of his staff.You visit the new Melting Pot restaurant in San Clemente for an experience that is way beyond merely having dinner; you go there to propel your visual, olfactory and taste talents through several blissful, nay, thrilling hours of gastronomic exploration, discovery and delight.

Who Put the “POW” In Kung Pao?

Feb 02, 2007 ● By Don Kindred

Manager Lawrence Wong with owners Jack & Nancy Cheng.For decades America has had a passion for Chinese food. When the craving strikes, we simply rush out to dine, or pick up the phone to order take-out.

Los Patios - Not Your Typical Mexican Restaurant

Nov 30, 2006 ● By Don Kindred

Owner Carlos showing just how large his platter portions are. The first thing 30-year-old Carlos Frutos did in July, 2003 when he bought the Los Patios Mexican Restaurant in Old City Plaza … was to shut the restaurant down for six months.

The Me-Munchi Mode... At Avila’s El Ranchito Restaurant

Aug 29, 2006 ● By Don Kindred

Stop by Avila’s right in the center of downtown San Clemente. Ooof. I needed to snap open that top button of my loosest fitting jeans, purposely worn in anticipation of eating some fine Mexican food.

White Horses Restaurant & Bar Best New Restaurant 2005

May 05, 2006 ● By Don Kindred

Selected as the best new restaurant of 2005 in Orange County by the OC City Search, San Clemente’s by-the-pier White Horses Restaurant & Bar has become so popular the repeat business outnumbers first time customers. I spoke to one Talega couple on their fourth visit claiming, “This is the best place to eat in Orange County.”

Under an Italian Sky at Carbonara’s

Nov 01, 2003 ● By Don Kindred

He was born Anthony Carbonara in Italy. To his friends he’s Tony from Chicago, and he has owned and operated Carbonara’s Trattoria Italiana on Avenida Del Mar for more than 14 years. Walking into this unique restaurant, a goddess welcomes you.