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Financial News - Teach Your Children Well ... About Saving and Investing

Any day is a good day to start teaching children about saving and investing — but the sooner you begin the better.

Financial News - Wealth Trends

This has not been an easy market to navigate lately. In fact, I would say this has been the most difficult market I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’ve seen worse downturns, but we haven’t had broad declines affecting every major asset class like we are in today.

Improving Performance in Low-return Environments

How do you start an article on the stock market when that is the last thing people want to see or hear about right now? It has been a painful year so far for investors and we’re only halfway through. The S&P 500 is off almost 20% from its highs last October putting us well into bear market territory and the economy seems to be getting worse every week.

Smart Moves Can Help Women

All of us face challenges in our efforts to achieve our long-term financial goals, such as a comfortable retirement. But if you’re a woman, the unfortunate truth is that you may have more hurdles to overcome than a man.

Wealth Trends - Donating

Every year between Christmas and April 15th I get a lot of questions about charitable donations. I am generally quite surprised at the knowledge that people have about charitable donations and the tax benefits, but I also get just as much confusion and misinformation as I do correct concepts.

Wealth Trends - How to deal with market Volatility

You can’t really escape the financial news lately. Every day it seems we are either hitting new highs or new lows…and sometimes on the same day. When the market turns up the volatility like it has lately, it is enough to make even seasoned investors get a little nervous.

Will Presidential Election Year Affect Your Investors?

As you are no doubt aware, 2008 is a presidential election year. As a citizen, you may well have a great deal of interest in the election. But how about as an investor? How does an election year affect the investment climate? And - from the perspective of an investor - does it matter who wins?

Wealth Trends - What to Plan for as Parents Age

We all plan out our retirement, our children’s education, and even our vacations, but one thing we often overlook until necessity demands our attention, is our parents’ future. This is one of those areas where even just a little bit of open communication between aging parents and their children can make a huge difference.

Plan Your Investment Moves for the New Year

Each New Year, most of us vow to improve in one aspect or another of our lives. However, we don't always rush into carrying out our resolutions. But if you've promised yourself that "this is the year" that you're really going to stay on top of your financial and investment situations, you'll want to get started now.

Wealth Trends

The 11th annual World Wealth Report shows that in 2006, the U.S. population of high-net-worth individuals — those with at least $1 million in investable assets, excluding their primary residences — rose 9.4% to 2.92 million.