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SCHS Dance Team – Five Year National Champs

Victorious team with trophies at USA Nationals.The time was not the only thing springing forward last March. A spectacular, crowd-pleasing performance in the Small Hip-Hop category earned the San Clemente High School Dance Team its fifth national title in five years at the USA National Championships at the Anaheim Convention Center.

San Clemente High School Celebrating Graduation

Well seniors, it’s finally here. Graduation is really just around the corner, and as we wrap up with AP and IB tests, we will finally be rewarded for all our hard work throughout the past four years.

Home Schooling: Misguided Parenting or Sovereign Right?

At 6am, or some other early hour across America, millions of teenagers awaken to begin their trek to school, ready for another day of education. However, there is a small but growing group of young people who bypass this morning ritual. In fact, they bypass the traditional school model altogether.

San Clemente High School Dance Team - Dancing Like the Stars

Guess quick! Which San Clemente High School team has earned four National Championships in the last four years? Surfing, you say? Not even close.

Saddleback College’s - Theatre Arts Department

San Clemente resident Patrick Fennell has been at the helm of Saddleback College’s Theatre Arts Department for 29 years. He proudly reports, “We’ve become renowned for our excellence in theatre training and production.”

September Will Bring New Amenities for San Clemente High School

The 2008-2009 school year is bringing change to students at San Clemente High School. There was a lot of work done at the school over the summer. Construction work, that is.

Big Man on Campus

Standing at well over six feet tall, Principal George Duarte can cut quite an imposing figure as he strolls the halls of San Clemente High School. In his suit and tie, and with his somewhat military style haircut, students could be forgiven for mistaking him for a secret service agent sent to search out spies or hidden clues across the expansive campus.

Making a Difference: The MAKO Educational Foundation

At Vista del Mar Elementary and Middle School the Mako shark serves as its mascot, symbolizing the school’s spirit as well as representing the philosophy of the school’s MAKO Educational Foundation: “Maximizing Academics, Knowledge & Opportunity.”

San Clemente Educational Foundation

The bad news is … over-burdened high school teachers are often unable to give one-on-one help to needy students for prolonged periods of time. The good news is … extra help is available at San Clemente High School in the form of a Wednesday after-school tutorial program.

Cyber Learning for Seniors

SrNet Cyber Cafe is housed at the Beaches, Parks & Recreation Foundation offices on Calle Negocio, in San Clemente. San Clemente’s SrNet Cyber Café, temporarily housed in a former fire station, offers a range of computer classes for seniors.