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Business News - San Clemente Wine Company The Place for Fine Wines at Great Prices

When you create your own community wine store from scratch right on the busy downtown street of any small American town, you better know what you’re doing.

PLAYING FAVORITES - An Inside Look at Favorite J

There was a time in Lori Puterbaugh’s life when every special person around her was a Jenna, or a Jeff or a Joey. There were Julies, Johns, Jessies and Jills - and well, you get the idea. Thus sprung forth the lovechild retail operation, Favorite J.

New Baseball Equipment Store – Houses City’s Only Batting Cages

There’s a YouTube video at that shows Dominic, the 15-month-old son of David French, owner of San Clemente Sports, the new baseball equipment store, repeatedly hitting a baseball off a T-ball stand. Even at his tender age, the tiny youth is astonishingly successful in hitting with a bat almost twice his height, and his dad is immensely encouraging to him after each swing.

Soccer, Lacrosse and Rugby Gear – Find a Home in San Clemente

Rich Smith, a 21 year San Clemente resident, had played soccer and bought soccer equipment most of his life. He was 17 years into his career with Oakley Sunglasses, when he decided to open his own sporting equipment store.

Hobie Surf Shops - Sporting

As legend has it, in the summer of 1950, young water enthusiast and woodshop fanatic Hobart “Hobie” Alter began shaping nine-foot balsawood surfboards for his friends in the Alter family garage in Laguna Beach.

A New Park Eatery’s in Town

The San Clemente Island Grill is a new innovative type of snack stand at Steed Park in Rancho San Clemente.An innovative type of snack stand just opened in February in San Clemente. Yes, it still has the small, rectangular, sliding glass doors along the bottom of the huge, thickly paned front window.

Found: The Fountain of Youth

VeMMa at Sunkiss’d.What do Ponce de Leon, Donald Duck and Jack Sparrow (Captain Jack Sparrow, of Pirates of the Caribbean fame) all have in common? They’ve all gone searching for the infamous “Fountain of Youth” in hopes of extending their life expectancy and youthful countenance.

San Clemente Balloon Lady Giving Balloons Away

Tina Valenzuela, owner of San Clemente Balloons, sat ten years ago with other employees of a Dana Point party store listening to the marketing consultant that the store had hired. The consultant was telling the staff how to sell more consumer products, including balloons.

Animal Lovers John & Jennifer Agostini - Finding the Perfect Career

What if your life unfolded like a fairy tale, love of your spouse, love of animals and love of your veterinarian career all meshed together like a dream come true?

Music Man George’s Music Space Strums Into Town

A native of Riverside, George Lawton, the owner of George’s Music Space, comes from a decidedly creative family. His father, Harry Lawton, was an anthropologist, poet and novelist who also taught creative writing courses for more than 25 years at the University of Riverside.