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Maxi Skirts Solving “What to Wear?”

Mar 28, 2014 ● By Don Kindred

Debbie Bridgeman creates Kamea Clothing

Active Culture Natural Foods Café

Mar 27, 2014 ● By Don Kindred

Cafe and Frozen Yogurt Spot Serves Food at it's Very Best.

Must-have gadgets designed to eliminate pet peeves

Jun 10, 2013 ● By Brian O

Companies are rolling out hot new technology to keep you connected, organized and entertained. Yet, many create pet peeves. Whether you are hanging out at home or travelling on vacation, here’s a round-up of tech gadget must-haves that get rid of top gadget pet peeves.

Raising Kids is Easy - In a Music Video

Sep 21, 2012 ● By Brian O

When was the last time you saw a couple rap about parenting? It's probably been too long, don't miss your chance to make up for lost time and check out this music video by Blue Fish TV. It'll be the best 3-minutes of your... hour...

Add Healthy Fresh Produce to Family Dinners

Jun 08, 2012 ● By Brian O

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) suggests filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. While this may seem difficult, summer-fresh fruit from Chile provides for year round availability and daily use in a variety of healthful recipes.

How to Save on Family Vacations

Jul 02, 2012 ● By Brian O

If you're like most families on a recent AAA report, you're opting to take shorter distance road trips, or "nearcations," to save on travel costs especially with gas prices still making a dent in your

Kindness for Cash with AOK and the Charter for Compassion

May 23, 2012 ● By Brian O

Share your compassion and win $500You can win a $500 gift-card from AOK and The Charter for Compassion Global Giving just by submitting a video that highlights what compassion means to you.

Family Summer Vacations with Little Ones

May 14, 2012 ● By Brian O

A few Tips for Planning Summer Getaways with FamilyWarm weather has finally arrived, and parents everywhere are starting to plan family vacations. But traveling with a little one can be challenging an

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