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San Clemente Journal

Life, Matters

Jul 09, 2020 10:36AM ● By Don Kindred
Interesting planet, earth. Filled with over seven billion humans, all traveling at 67,000 miles-an-hour through an unfathomable void of space. Riding in a third-tier orbit around an average star, in a below average solar system.

As a race, humans have survived an ice age and the occasional flood. We’ve survived famines, droughts and we are forever battling some new plague. We may currently be facing another global warming. And yet, the biggest danger we face as humans today ... are other humans.

As the population and technology have grown bigger our world has become smaller. We have formed nations to define our boundaries,  we have religion and color to define our existence. In so doing we seem to have created more reasons to kill each other. It may take some alien invasion to make us understand that we’re all in this together.

We occupy these spaces for only a fraction of time. But our lives are important, not just as blacks or whites, or families, or communities, or states and countries ... but as humans. 

We are, one race. Love one another.