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Decisions, Illusions and Expectations by Diane Gallegos.

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Decisions, Illusions and Expectations by Diane Gallegos.

Decisions, Illusions and Expectations
The expectations in my head.
The decisions that I dread.
The illusions that I must live up to.
The expectation.
Like chasing a ghost
a continuing changing ghost.
Like shadows in the dark
that elude my from the start.
Decisions dragging me down
my head spinning around.
Pressure from friend and foe
expecting me to know which way to go.
Could it be that it’s the illusion
in my head that I have the most to dread.
They are all enemies to me
causing mounting fear
Stealing to joy I seek
Leaving no piece of mind
feeling life is unkind.
What decision must I make?
What illusion must I break?
What expectation must I meet?
Whose approval do I seek?
That causes me to shriek from a
decision to break the illusion.
The illusion that I must live
up to the expectation.
Believing others will do the same
and when they don’t
and I am hurt, then who is to blame?
There must be a way to break the circle.
Make the decision not to try to meet the expectation
That is just an illusion.

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