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Recreational Weed by Bradley Spellman

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Recreational Weed by Bradley Spellman

Take a ride on the Cheech and Chong bus

In California, it’s legal to buy cannabis

A ride to the 7-11 is like a trip to the dispensary

It ain’t cheap but nothing is free

Pot will relieve you of your anxiety

Dreams, pain, sores, arthritis, and cancer

Weed is the cure and the answer

Someday’s you might feel like King Kong

Take a tablet or smoke it in a bong

Governor Jerry is looking to get all the cash

Go to a party and have a big bash

California passed a bill to legalize weed

Did they pass the law for political greed?

State run pot banks are on the way

All the cash from pot is here to stay

Will government get high on money to spend?

How will police handle the new offend

Extra fines for the government

Or just extra cash to be spent

Take a drive down the 405

Drive high and get a DUI