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East vs. West Which is Best? by Bradley Spellman

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East vs. West Which is Best? by Bradley Spellman

Californians like to change their mind

Twisted on the drop of a dime

East Coast likes to boast

Best is the weather of the West Coast

Stretched lips and fake boobs

Big mammas asses that like to move

Big D’s that are in the groove

Fancy jewelry and are like the Louvre

Starz in their eyes, that’s Hollywood

Fancy cars for all the boys in the hood

East Coast just tells it like it is

West Coast is all about the showbiz

LA & Hollywood can be very confusing

Just remember it’s all an illusion

Pretty girls and bleached blonde hair

Too many guys might like to stare

East coast might like the change of the season

West coast the weather is all the reason

Blue skies, sunshine, and the ocean

Sometimes we have earthquakes and the motion

Having lived in the East and the West

I have to say the West is the best

Don’t forget the West is full of actors and liars

They’ll cut your throat and watch out for wildfires

East is abrupt, pushy, and rude

Cali people are so full of attitude

Five times the price for the same thing

Packed with starz that like to sing

It’s sad to see all the homeless hanging around

In the land of plenty where gold was found

Canyon fires and flash floods

Home of many a Hollywood stud

In the East I left all the snow behind

A better life in the west I did find

It’s full of people of every ethnicity

Loving life near the ocean, as it should be

Land of the palm trees and Santa Ana winds

Not far from Las Vegas, the city of sin

This is the land where my new life I did find

And found the people here to be so kind

I left the east for the west with my wife

In California I did find a new life