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San Clemente Journal

A USUAL DAY by Jeanette A. Fratto

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A USUAL DAY by Jeanette A. Fratto

I ran five miles before breakfast at my award-winning pace

Soon I’ll be ready for my very next race

I drank a quick smoothie, no doughnuts for me

I care for my body, as anyone can see


I like to play tennis on a regular basis

And all of my serves turn out to be aces

No matter what I do, I really excel

It’s a wonderful feeling to always do well


My Maserati was being detailed at the luxury car dealer

So I drove my Porsche to work, what a stealer!

The staff I supervise greeted me warmly

They agree with me always, and never alarm me


Home in San Clemente I enjoyed the ocean view

A dream for most people, to me nothing new

I thought of my latest book, selling so well

The publisher wants more, but he’ll wait, I can tell


Before turning in, I stepped on the scale

I never gain a pound, a very true tale

I’m sure that you’re thinking I’m one of a kind

You’d be absolutely right, perfect body and mind