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San Clemente Journal

America by Valka Nedeva

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America by Valka Nedeva  

America - You are the first in the world

with gift from the God of blessed land,

inexhaustibly rich, for centuries


established praised  but  engaging  hearts


America - You are the first in the world

we know you , for all of us second mother,

But  still  I love with all my  heart  and  soul,

with  what  you have  on  your  earth:

        - freedom  from  the  ages,

        - food rich,                                                           

        - the water  is inexhaustible,

        - lacey  sky


America - You are the first in the world,

with  gift  from the  God  of  blessed  land,

therefore  with  her thinking ,she was left alone on the day,

I promise  you  wherever  we  are,

to  thank  God ,  Mother  Nature -

And  for  you -  America to  follow the law and move  forward.