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San Clemente Journal

San Clemente By Terry Brown

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San Clemente  By Terry Brown

There exists this place of my dreams

I once lived there for real it seems

It has all the charm of my youth

Yet I didn't know it then how uncouth

Waves push on over the posts

Of the pier as it stands like a ghost

The village appears from the mist

Founding fathers approving the call

They named "San Clemente" a city for all

The entire town twinkles so bright

In the night sky the hills shine so light

Folks walk and sway to the ocean's breezes all day

Sharing real stories of their lives on their way

This quaint little place oozes welcomes for all

Charming mosaics applied with meanings on walls

A new beach trail hosts the towns own coast

Feels like heaven touched earth we want to boast

This salty small town calls to my soul

I know I belong in its midst

I have found Shangri_La

I will return I insist

Fa la la, la la, la la