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SPELL CHEQUE, by Al Jacobs                        

Wen first I herd that their wood bee,

A gnu Khan test fore poetry,

I said “Wye this eye will purr Sioux …

It Shirley seams the thing two due.”


I worked awl day, and knight time to,

With trussed, perfection wood ensue.

The words just pored, as ewe Cannes sea;

It’s dew too my BA degree.


Sow with the skills eye utilize,

There is the chance isle wyn the prize.

Butt if aye am two come on strong,

This poem cant halve it’s spelling wrong.


My hopes are razed that eye will win,

The flawlessness is awl built inn.

And knot won word is wrong, aye no …

My trustee Spell Cheque tolled mi sew.