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Find The Love - SC Journal Photo Contest

Dec 03, 2018 10:48AM ● By Don Kindred
We can find it looking in the eyes of another, of course.
But too, we can find it all by ourselves just watching the clouds that silhouette the pier against a fading sun. 

 We find it gathered with our family and friends at the beach. Or when we witness an early morning sunrise and leave the first footprints along the sand, catch the bubbleman doing his art at the pier on a golden afternoon. The love lives in those little moments, moments that matter. Little vignettes that make us glad we’re alive. 

Maybe it’s in the smell of garlic when you stroll on the El Camino, or a waft of chocolate at the top of Del Mar. Maybe you love toasting to the green flash from the Fisherman’s. Hearing the laughter of children on the swings or cheer as they race the train along the shore. I love to walk at Mariposa Point, when the tide is out and the sky is blue and a rocky playground of tide pools grows along the wet sand.

Our mission at the Journal has always been to celebrate life in San Clemente. Recently inspired by a photo of Kelly Narey’s taken of her daughter making a heart shape with her fingers around the sunset from the pier. We decided to sponsor a contest with the “Find the Love” theme. We want our readers to capture and share a favorite photo of San Clemente. We hope to eventually create a collection of positive images to remind us, 
especially after an election cycle, that the things that we love about our home far outweigh any problems we may have with it. 


Please send a picture that makes you happy, to the e-mail below. We have extended our original deadline to January 1st, so we might include any favorite holiday memories you want to share. 

Have a wonderful holiday season,

Don Kindred