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Kindness for Cash with AOK and the Charter for Compassion

May 23, 2012 02:10PM ● By Brian O

Join Adrian Grenier and the Charter for Compassion

Share your compassion and win $500

You can win a $500 gift-card from AOK and The Charter for Compassion to Global Giving just by submitting a video that highlights what compassion means to you with the most "Likes" on The Charter’s 1st Assignment

It’s not as hard as you think to play a part in changing the world - start here to share your story of compassion. Share your video with friends and family, ask people to ‘like’ your video in support, the video with the most likes by June 1 wins!

Part of a bigger kindness movement

You ever notice hothe little things that people do for one another make such a big difference? When you've got your arms full or you're pushing a stroller and somebody holds the door for you it's like a ray of sunshine. Or, on those days where everything just goes wrong until a stranger smiles at you you realize the power of "little things".

In our ongoing effort to build community we thought we'd see what we can do to build community here locally by working with a company called AOK - it stands for the Acts and Observations of Kindness.

AOK a 'social game for good' that makes sharing positive actions playful, rewarding and impactful. When you post an AOK (any positive action or observation) you're rewarded with Cause Currency points (or sponsored prizes) which are donated to real world causes and organizations that further social good!

Want to make a difference every day? Join our *CommunityCares campaign and post the little things that you see and do that make a difference. Anything that you post at AOK that includes "*communitycares" in the title will be included in our own little contest and it will appear in the little widget beloin addition to on AOK itself - they call those little tags with the "*" Flashtags.

P.S. share the things that you find online and inspire you or take a minute for a little pick-me-up.

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