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Need a Pet Sitter or In-Home Vet Tech? - Mike’s Pet Care to the Rescue...

Feb 01, 2008 04:27PM ● By Don Kindred
by Hannah Lanee

With America spending over 40 billion dollars on their pets last year, 10 billion on veterinary care, it’s no wonder more and more pet sitters are popping up. People love their pets and are spending more on them than ever before. Also the use of pet insurance has grown exponentially as people look to take better care of their pets. More and more people are seeing pet sitting as a viable option to make money, but with this comes some pet sitters who are not insured, bonded or trustworthy. 

Mike Russell of Mike’s Pet Care started a company last January that provides the highest quality pet sitting and pet care in the San Clemente, Dana Point, and San Juan Capistrano area. 

Over 10 years ago Russell worked as an assistant and dog handler at Hemopet for two years. This was a Greyhound rescue organization for retired racers, and a non-profit blood bank that provided much needed blood products for other dogs with bleeding disorders or trauma. He also worked as a technician locally at a veterinary hospital for almost eight years, with the majority of his time spent as lead technician. From 2004 to 2006 he attended Professional Veterinary Assistant School in Garden Grove, CA. Finishing at the top of his class he passed the state board exam, becoming a registered technician. 

Mike has a strong medical background and great respect for the industry as a whole.

Having completed his education he had an idea to help people with their pet’s medical issues in their own home, so in January of 2007 he decided to start a company that would provide multiple services. In this capacity, he provides assistance with injections, medicine administration, SQ fluid under skin administration for kidney failure, bandage changes, insulin therapy, anal gland expression and more … all medical treatments that are initiated by veterinarians. 

Russell’s in-home-service is an invaluable to people whose pets are too nervous to travel to their vet’s offices, or who are forced to delay a trip due to the condition of a pet’s health. Although Mike does specialize in medical treatment for pets, he also offers basic pet sitting and overnight stays. All of these services are provided with a personal touch and with the utmost integrity. 

There is a high trust factor when someone enters people’s homes when they are gone or when they are helped with medical issues for their beloved pets. When Russell meets with prospective clients he encourages them to call his references or read his many testimonials on his website, Operating a bonded business, Mike carries liability insurance, and maintains a business license with the city of San Clemente. Although he is not a veterinarian he has over 10 years experience working in a clinical setting. His goal with Mike’s Pet Care is to provide the community with a trusted source of information on veterinary medicine, and pet behavior and to provide quality pet sitting for many years to come. If he does not know the answer to your medical or behavioral question he will research it or put you in touch with someone who does. Keeping pets healthy and happy is his goal.