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Ole Hanson Beach Club - Fountain of Youth

Apr 29, 2007 09:57PM ● By Don Kindred
by Michael Conlin

Could you get excited about swimming in a “sea of champagne”? The waters are clear, sparkling, warm and located right here in San Clemente. These are happy waters … happy waters???? Seriously, this sea of contentment is often filled with joyful laughter, “youthful” bodies and exciting music. The men and women who swim there appear younger and younger each time they emerge from this particular clear pool water. 
Welcome to “Water Exercise” at the Ole Hanson Beach Club. Water Lilies and Laddys”would be an appropriate term for the youthful appearance of this spry group. An observer almost wants to add a few years to be “old enough” – although there is no actual age limit for joining in on this excitement where the youngest member is in his/her ‘40s and the oldest is in her ‘80s. Enthusiasm abounds as music resounds while San Clemente resident Lisbeth Ganninger, licensed Physical Therapist with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, and her gorgeous smile fearlessly lead this group on either MWF or T/TH mornings.
So what’s really going on here??? As clearly explained in the Water Wellness brochure…. “in the water, the resistance to the muscles is velocity specific, 3-dimensional, graded and safe to perform. Water promotes freedom of movement which promotes improved ROM, decreases joint stiffness and increases functional strength. Exercise in water provides a thermal effect which can alter tone, muscle spasm and pain. Immersion in water results in the shift of fluids (blood, lymph, thirdspace fluids) from the body part immersed in the greatest depth (typically the legs) to the body part at the water’s surface. This improves circulatory, metabolic and cardiopulmonary systems while decreasing edema.” That’s the physiological perk.
As for mental outlook, well —enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm as musical sounds of different decades fill the air and offer up inspirational beats. Constant laugher, smiles and positive energy plunge through the water as this physically fit group takes on another day. Not to be outdone, this aqua “screen actors guild” has the finest in state-of-the-art props such as water noodles, paddleboards and dumb bells to fine tune muscles and sculpt silhouettes. 
For this group, the excitement doesn’t stop in their own personal fountain of youth. Each Friday afternoon finds the MWF ladies (men are welcome) also meeting for lunch at different San Clemente restaurants to continue their new and current water related friendships. And … they also lend their time and money to various local charitable San Clemente events.
Mermaids and mermen move over. These “water babies” have the racer’s edge. The water’s fine. Come on in and join the fun…but only…only…if you’re old enough.
The Ole Hanson Beach Club Community Pool is a San Clemente landmark built in 1928. It offers two pools with depths ranging from 2-9 feet. The main pool is 25 yards and the temperature is maintained at 84 degrees. It is equipped with stairs and a chair lift. The small pool is equipped with 2 sets of stairs and the temperature is maintained at 88 degrees. For more info call (949) 361-8207.