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Feb 06, 2006 08:54PM ● By Don Kindred
by Maggie Zeibak

Krikorian Theater Marquee.We are scared; we root for the good guys; we laugh; we figure out the killer and we weep. Except we’re really not supposed to cry in public. But when the tragic ending wrenches at our heartstrings, it’s a lump-in-the-throat, triple-tissue exit out of the cinema. Powerful movies can stir up all kinds of emotions when we sit down and immerse ourselves in a darn good plot and live vicariously through a make-believe world.
For local cinematic viewing it’s a treat to attend our Krikorian movie theater, where the majority of auditoriums offer comfortable stadium seating with 18-inch risers for optimal viewing. Seat designs have come a long way in the past few years and now offer a plush, rocking-chair style with padded armrests that lift up, so guests can sit closer together to share popcorn smothered with real butter. And everyone, including the vertically challenged, can see the screen. No craning the neck around a Sumo wrestler seated in front; just be careful not to spill your drink down his neck. 
At this movie house they want to provide the best possible movie-going experience through excellence in design, style, technology, management and customer service. It’s all about setting higher standards in state-of-the-art amenities such as their Klipsch KMX sound system and the wall-to-wall curved screens providing perfect focus. Believing their slogan “Where movie-going is always a Premiere Event” they answer the public’s call to fulfill the art of viewing movies.
Do kids agree with this? Wouldn’t they rather be attached to their Gameboys and Playstations? Not so, say the brothers Elespuru, visiting from Montana. “I like going to the movies where I can hang out with about 4-8 of my friends. It’s lots of fun and I like the theaters much better than home movies,” said fifteen-year-old Alex.
“I think movies are better than DVD’s because the big screen makes everything more real,” Michael (12 and 2 days) added, “I enjoy them more than Playstation. The theaters in California are very nice and when I go to a movie a lot of the time I learn new stuff.”
Listen up, parents. Perhaps your kids really do want to spend a family evening out at the cinema. What a great way to open up channels of communication by discussing controversial topics, special effects, dorky clothes and a celebrity’s latest misdemeanor versus his acting ability. Surprisingly, kids are really clued-in on these subjects.
Occasionally ditching the kids is also a great idea. Going to the movies on a date can provide a refreshing escape from the humdrum cares of daily living. Most of us love being entertained. Not every movie is going to appeal to every person, but branching out to see a different kind of film can certainly broaden one’s horizons. Sometimes we have to choose between a musical and a slapstick comedy. Neither one may appeal to our taste, but we might need to give it a try. If repulsed by gratuitous sex and violence, bored stiff with science fiction or restless during the obligatory 5-minute chase scenes, check out the story carefully and, most importantly, the rating. On these occasions bear in mind that compromise is key. If not, a quick toss of a coin might work equally as well. Perfect dates can start off with a non-threatening chick-flick guaranteed to inflict no harm, or documentaries that solidify mutual interests. 
What more could a special occasion warrant than an intimate private screening with just the two of you? Popping the question might be original. Krikorian offers a special package (minimum $500) no matter how many guests you might want to invite. What a memorable way to propose, celebrate Mom and Pop’s Anniversary, reward the staff for excellent performance or celebrate a milestone birthday with fifty friends.
While we’re on the subject of gifting, one of the best presents to give is a movie gift-card. Priced from $10-$300, the sleek, black card can be purchased online or at the theater and topped up or replenished in the same fashion. It can also be used in the convenient automated Ticket Kiosks, avoiding a long line when the show is about to start.
So … if it’s time to banish stressful worries and anxieties for an evening, pick a movie. One that has an edgy story, trendy actors with disdainful stares or smoldering glances, fanciful scenery, clever comedy, a song or two, suspense, animation that blows your socks off and rave reviews you can’t ignore. Your entertainment options are limitless. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Krikorian Theater.b
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