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San Clemente Journal


Feb 05, 2006 12:05PM ● By Don Kindred

by Roby LaPorte

Yes, it’s the New Year already and there’s lots new ‘going on’ on the Web. The ‘Information Highway’ is getting longer by the minute and finding things entertaining on the Internet today is both easy and fascinating. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it fast with just a few clicks. They’re trying their best to do away with boredom forever.

Gaming popularity is spreading world wide these days and growing incredibly fast. There is an abundance of gaming sites out there for kids of all ages. The younger generations are becoming quite the computer operators, thanks greatly to the internet games that entice them to use the computer more and gain important knowledge, confidence and dexterity. They play games from the very simplest, like tic-tac toe, backgammon and solitaire to extreme and extensive games that you can play with other people from all parts of the globe in an interactive setting. There are a vast amount of educational games as well, a great learning tool for young parents. It’s easy to find games for kids by logging on to Google or your favorite search engine (I like,, and, and typing in keywords ‘kids games’ and you’ll get over 130,000,000 choices, therein lies major fun for the whole family.

There is every game you have ever heard of, and thousands more you haven’t, on the net. And not just the ‘Arcade’ style games, there are word games like crossword puzzles, there are all the ancient ones like ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, Jigsaw Puzzles and lots of incredible games where you control your environment and travel many strange lands, some of these are absolutely phenomenal in there sheer beauty and intensity. Even the ‘Xbox’, ‘PlayStation’ style games are interactive with the internet. Bored? Try this very cool site that has something for everybody; go to ‘’.

For the adult gamer who enjoys a good ‘Casino’ game to play, the internet has it all. Whatever your game, you’ll find hundreds of them online. You can play for real money or just for fun. You can play against yourself, the computer or real live people from all over the world. Sit in at Vegas or Monte Carlo and get in on Poker, Blackjack, Roulette or Slots, you want it, you got it. Keyword ‘casino games’, voila, another hundred million choices, literally!

Of course, entertainment isn’t just about games, is it? Somehow I hear some very diverse reactions to that question, but, be that as it may, the web has so much to do, so little time. A list of all there is to see and do would fill at least ten ‘SCJournals’, so I’ll just expose the tip of the iceberg and let you explore as you will.

Sports are huge online and up-to-the-minute scores and highlights are available for every team in existence, TV shows are previewed and reviewed, as are the movies, and they are abundant and downloadable. From the classics to the recent to the amateur film makers that can take America’s Funniest Videos to the next level, an endless supply is waiting for you.

Then the music, virtually every major and minor band or artist has a website, and more often than not, will have photos, MP3’s, and movie clips to keep you up with your favorite musicians, bands, singers and artists. Browse around and you might find musicians you would have never otherwise heard of that you could very possibly really enjoy. Internet Radio stations have come along way and there are tons of them to choose from. You’ll find all genres of music, talk radio and news out there with a few clicks.

The Art World has millions of sites created for well-known and unknown artisans. They’re free to view and you can buy original or prints right there online if you choose.

Find books from all eras, styles and types. Fly around and travel the world via global satellite, virtually every form of entertainment is alive and well on the web and they’re waiting just for you