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San Clemente Journal

Business as Usual

May 05, 2005 02:37PM ● By Don Kindred

By Roby LaPorte

    That old adage ‘business as usual’ has taken on a whole new meaning these days, thanks to the internet. The web has brought to life new ways and means to exposing businesses, large and small, to the world. With a good web development team, an online brochure style website can make a small business look as big as their biggest competition. And, unlike printed material, a website can be updated at any time with anything new you might need to present. We are seeing much success here in our own community as struggling new companies have gained a foothold through the exposure only the internet can provide. It gives their future customers a chance to meet them, see what they’re offering and get in contact with them in a matter of minutes. The most cost effective means of advertising this world has ever seen.
    And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The internet has also given birth to all new commerce systems that are giving many people a chance to set themselves up with a home based business and many are doing quite well with it. To work from home using the internet can be very rewarding. Today there are countless numbers of men and woman making thousands of dollars every month by simply referring others to products and services they currently use in their homes via many available online internet Affiliate Networks or work from home affiliate networking programs. Businesses to business (B2B) protocols are propelling companies to the next level by digitally connecting the wares with the needs, computer to computer, via the web. A supply company can put up a catalog style website and their customers can order the products they need online, at their convenience, simplifying the ordering process and saving money.
    We are also seeing a rise in the amount of people making big bucks by buying and selling goods on EBay. I’ve watched some folks I know start a small business this way, finding great deals therein and reselling the same items at a better price while still saving their customers good money.
    ‘At home’ businesses are rising rapidly these days because of the internet. Many people are not going to the office, and why should they, they can connect their computer at home with the office server and do their job, not having to get in the car at all. There are endless opportunities out there for starting your own home based business. Many large companies are hiring people to set up a website to sell their products at a nice profit. They work together to set it up and sit back and watch their bank accounts swell at an amazing rate. These companies are easy to found by just searching the web with keywords ‘at home business opportunities’, you won’t believe how many results you will find. And with a relatively small investment, the profits can be quite substantial.
    Doing business while working with the internet is the way of the future, and it looks like the future is now.